Superlive Plus App SP1



Superlive Plus App is a powerful video surveillance APP. It can easily manage remote video monitoring and handle smart alarm information around the world so that the users can know about the security status all the time.

With interactive design,fully new interface and one-click operations, Superlive Plus brings excellent user experience for customers. Moreover, users can simply add and share devices by scanning QR code.


Superlive Plus App SP2

Take a face picture and enter the corresponding information. Then, save the settings. It will be uploaded to NVR’s or Server’s face data base.

Superlive Plus App SP3

Take a picture and then set the similarity and “Start Time “&” End Time” to search the related face images and videos.

Superlive Plus App SP4

Face can be searched by name. Enter the name, then choose related face and set the terms to search pictures and videos.

Superlive Plus App SP5

P2P servers are deployed in serval continents, guaranteeing high traversal rate and stable transmission speed.

Superlive Plus APP SP6

It is enabled as default, then system will automatically connect with all devices in the server list, fast accessing and displaying. When the devices are over 32 pcs, system will remind to disable it, user can manually browser massive devices (e.g. 100+pcs) in the server list, it rapidly saves the mobile computing power and ensures phone running smoothly.

Superlive Plus App SP7

Users can receive a notification when alarm of motion, sensor and smart event happens. Through the alarm push notification, users can immediately check the preview or playback, or manually trigger the alarm device, for face recognition event, user can check target photo.

Superlive Plus App SP8

Audio intercom between app and IPC is allowed. It is very good for site precautions.

Superlive Plus App SP9

Fisheye de-warping and management are supported.

As a professional surveillance App, Superlive Plus applies advanced hardware decoding technology, which greatly optimizes the resource. As a result, the preview and playback performance are much better.

Additionally, with smart self-adaption stream policy, it can make good balance among picture quality, decoding performance and bandwidth. For example, 1-split mode adopts master stream,1080P or higher, 9-split mode with substream, CIF or D1.

Superlive Plus App SP10

H.265 decoding is supported.

Superlive Plus App SP11

Support browsing recorded video footage from SD card of IP camera.

Superlive Plus App SP12

PTZ control for speed dome and motorized IPC is available.

Superlive Plus App SP13

Supports Versions of Android 5.0 and above, Supports Versions of IOS and above.

Superlive Plus App SP14

When encounter software issues, QR Code can be generated and user can send it to the maintenance staff. Easier for R & D to identity the issue and fix it fast.

Superlive Plus App SP15

User can share the surveillance information to facebook, whatsapp and other mainstream social APP through Superlive Plus.


View you cameras on your phone or tablet, get push notifications and alerts, playback straight on your device, even whilst you are away from home.

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Good internet connectivity required.

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