Artificial intelligence is a science field that is interested in finding solutions to complex problems like humans do.  A decision mechanism that is similar to a real human decision mechanism is tried to be modelled with some algorithms. Machine learning is a subdomain of artificial intelligence. Machine learning uses mathematical and statistical ways to extract information from data, and with that information ml tries to guess the unknown. Deep learning is a subdomain of machine learning and tries to learn the data with artificial neural network approach.


Surveillance has become an essential need of home and office infrastructures, today. CCTV (Closed circuit Television) cameras are being installed in offices, homes, public places and even vehicles to enhance the security of assets and human beings. IP Cameras or Internet Cameras are one of the popular digital devices used for transmission and capturing of video data. IP camera is a digital camera or a webcam that transmits the data over a computer network(LAN) or the internet. IP cameras offer better video resolution, digital storage, advanced control features and flexibility to add any additional cameras. Unlike CCTV camera, IP cameras have their own memory to store data and can be powered by POE (power over Ethernet) adapter.


The network video recordier system is basically a networking camera which allows the recording of live videos and recorded images altogether. It also has the feature to manage the entire IP video system. This system can also be personalised to meet the exact safety requirements. It works like a conjunction as it first snaps pictures and then broadcast videos through the network. All the Network Video Recordings get stored to the USB drive, disc drive, SD card and other storage spaces. The video comes out in a digital format, but encompasses no hardware that can snap a dedicated video. But the system software runs on a device which is completely dedicated and entrenched as an operating system.


HD Security Cameras differ from traditional analog CCTV cameras in their ability to capture video at resolutions higher that D1 (720×480 pixels) or 960H (960×480 pixels). HD cameras have image sensor resolutions ranging from 1.0 Megapixels to 4K Ultra HD, or even higher as CMOS sensor technology improves. We carry  varieties of HD surveillance cameras, i.e. HD-TVI,HD-AHD & HDCVI cameras.


HD DVR recorders use HD-TVI,AHD & CVI technology to record high-definition surveillance video (up to 4K full HD resolution) over coax cabling. Combined with HD cameras, HD digital video recorders offer a megapixel recording solution for a lower cost than a similar IP surveillance solution. Many of our HD DVRs accept inputs from both HD-TVI,AHD & CVI and standard analog CCTV cameras. This enables you to upgrade an existing video security system to HD without replacing all of your cameras. ELSIGHT HD Hybird DVRs also support a limited number of IP cameras for even greater surveillance flexibility.


Cameras with the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) allow you to monitor larger areas that would require multiple fixed cameras. By moving to monitor suspicious actions or high-action areas, PTZ cameras offer the security of video surveillance while minimizing installation.We can provide both Analog PTZ Camera & HD IP Camera.

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