AI security camera shows the future of surveillance will be automated

AI-Based Face Detection, Logging and Search

Face Recognizer’s detection capability searches an existing database of faces and compares them with the faces detected in the scene to find a match. Face Recognizer records faces from the camera and detects “people of interest,” providing real-time alerts upon detecting certain faces in the scene

AI Face Detection IP Camera

Facial recognition refers to the process by which faces are captured and matched to an existing database of face images. In the past, this was limited by software that can only work on still images or certain locations within a capture zone.
Through AI and deep learning models, smart facial recognition cameras show dramatically improved accuracy and performance despite everyday challenges such as long distances, low-resolution videos or situations when the faces are not directed towards the camera.

AI Face Recognition NVR

ELSIGHT is proud to introduce face recognition solutions to release of a range of products powered by AI algorithms. Our intelligence-based Deep Learning solutions offer reliable and flexible and cost-effective solutions to entities big and small.

In addition to enhancing safety, ELSIGHT’s face recognition system also encourages business operators to imagine new approaches to the development of practical business strategies.

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