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ELSIGHT offers an extensive portfolio of the finest High-Resolution end-to-end imaging with surveillance equipment ranging from CCTV cameras, IP video surveillance cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom Domes to DVRs, NVRs and Storage Solutions. ELSIGHT also carries Time & Attendance, Access Control, Standalone Digital Locks, Multi Apartment Solutions, Video Intercoms, Burglar Alarm Systems, Home Automation all related accessories. It is vital to mention here that security industry is growing with increased propensity to urbanization and a general trend towards better security considerations. Surveillance Monitoring Applications are relevant in the sectors where a need exists for remote monitoring and streamlining of business processes. Feeding data with live monitoring of critical installations not only ensures the real time decision making, but also process control & manpower optimization as well. Manufactured under strict quality control in accordance with International Security Standards, ELSIGHT brand is a symbol of Reliability, Availability and Consistency. Its cutting-edge, user-friendly technology adds immensely to the credibility of its products and thus making ELSIGHT the preferred brand in the field of security and surveillance.

New N9000 V1.3.X GUI

We are proud to learn that the feedbacks indicating that our NVR/DVR product series are very popular among installers and end users. Especially after applied with new GUI. The user experience is completely different. Let’s find out the latest powerful updates of NVMS9000: V1.3.X

NVMS-1000 Network Surveillance Management Software

NVMS-1000  is a monitoring client which is specially designed for network video surveillance. After the network video monitoring system is well built, the super administrator can control the video input signal devices, such as cameras, domes, etc., to achieve live monitor, video record and backup by software.

SuperLive Plus Mobile APP Compatible with all ELSIGHT’s available IPC, DVR, NVR.

SuperLive Plus is ELSIGHT’s independent development monitoring APP which can compatible with all available IPC, DVR, NVR. You can have remote monitoring by multimode as IP/DDNS/P2P. It has main functions like live preview, voice intercom, PTZ, remote playback, file management, alarm push, configuration and other mainstream functions, but also includes screenshots, local video, image sharing and other easy-to-use extensions. 

NVMS 2.0 Lite Edition

With the powerful capability of video surveillance management, real-time preview, record storage, record playback, record download, alarm linkage, decoding on TV Wall and keyboard control are supported. Due to its small, exquisite, flexible and diverse deploy schemes, NVMS2.0 Lite can meet various demands of small-sized projects and can be widely used in the video surveillance of industrial park, education, banking, chain stores, buildings and transportation.

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